EPISODE 2: Sonya Booker, CEO and founder of online fashion brand Sonya Bee's Boutique

We talk with online fashion brand mogul Sonya Booker, CEO and founder of Sonya Bee's Boutique , one of the country's most popular online boutique clothing stores. Sonya, a proud black business owner, is a native of Gautier, Mississippi and she shares her unique pathway to her success, her love for family and lessons learned along the way.


Fans may know her as Sonya Bee, but along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, she is our own Sonya Booker from Gautier, Mississippi.


Sonya shares how she started her amazing journey as a college student and self-described tomboy who fell in love with fashion after thrifting with friends on the weekends for high-end designer pieces.


Sonya also talks about being a solopreneur who spent her initial years in a small storefront in Canton, Mississippi and how she grew that into having one of the most popular black-owned online boutiques in the country with an Instagram presence that boasts more than a half million followers.


Recently, several online fashion bloggers, including VH1 News, have featured Sonya Bee’s Boutique as one of the hottest online fashion brands to follow in 2018.


And today, Sonya shares the importance of body positivity for black woman, why black dollars should be respected among the fashion industry and she gives us an exclusive peek into some upcoming new ventures for Sonya Bee’s Boutique. Let’s hear from Sonya Booker on this awesome episode.


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VH1 - Online Boutiques to Watch 2018


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